Ever since the first blogs appeared, it was clear that the practice of writing them won’t die out that soon. And it hasn’t – people have been using them to express their opinions or simply write about their lives and interests for quite some time. To most, it is just a way of communicating with the world, made even better by how simple it is. On the other hand, there are some who have turned it into a way to make a living, either by advertising certain products themselves, or selling advertisement space to businesses that have found a target audience in their readers. And it can be a decent living, provided that they have enough followers.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition in this field of work, as well as in any other. What makes it even harder for bloggers to succeed is the unpredictability of the online audience. This is largely due to the fact that nowadays most people use social media platforms that dictate their behavior. Among the most famous and influential ones are certainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The thing about these sites is that they are increasingly used as sources of information and distribution of online content, which in turn makes them important for developing any kind of online presence, regardless of whether we are talking about the presence of a brand or the recognition of an individual blogger. It is also the reason why many bloggers, including the popular ones, such as Jessica Quirk and Kimberly Pesch, have started buying their own Instagram likes.


You might wonder why someone would do that, especially if there is already a large audience in play. There are several answers to your question, the first one being the fact that in order to keep your site running, you need to constantly increase the number of people who are reading and liking it. This makes it hard even for the more successful bloggers to keep up, and buying likes is an easy way out of an otherwise complicated situation.


The second answer involves all the benefits that you can reap from simply buying a large number of Instagram likes. While letting the number grow by itself takes a lot of time and effort, and can result in total failure despite everything you have done, choosing to buy them is a fast and effortless method that almost always results in boosting the number of real followers. Although there are some criticizing the bloggers that have done it, the fact that it earned them a much larger audience can’t be denied.


And last, but not least, the process of buying likes has even been made much easier, and the price bloggers now have to pay per like has gone down significantly. It is why we could even come to the conclusion that more and more bloggers will join the ones who have already decided to make their lives easier.
All in all, buying Instagram likes in order to boost the popularity of one’s site is a growing practice. And isn’t it safe to say that just like blogging itself hasn’t, it won’t die out so soon?

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