Due to the many changes that have happened in the distribution of information during the past decades, developing a successful brand has become greatly dependent on its online visibility. As a result, advertising strategies have come to include online reputation management, digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of boosting the number of visitors in order to make a site rank higher on Google. A higher PageRank helps businesses and individuals build and maintain a strong online presence, which in turn brings in new customers and readers. The optimization of the number of visitors is usually done with the help of backlinks, keywords and images.

Social media platforms are some of the most important sites when it comes to distributing information. Both Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, and most of them are posting comments and reviews on a daily basis. Another popular platform is Instagram, a network that allows its users to post content of all sorts, as well as to follow other users. It has become so frequently used that nowadays there are more than 50 million photos shared each day.

When all this is taken into consideration, it comes as no surprise that these sites are powerful tools for developing brands. But can they really help you with your PageRank? We are going to try to answer the question by taking a closer look at what happens when you have an account on Instagram that is connected to your official website.

Creating a profile for your brand on Instagram results in better online visibility. Instagram users are bound to stumble upon it, and some of them will even end up liking or sharing it. It basically means that by doing it, you will be taking the first step towards a wider customer base. On the other hand, this won’t have any effect on your PageRank, since simply having Instagram followers doesn’t change anything when it comes to your website’s traffic.

Fortunately, it all changes when you connect your Instagram profile with your official website, and start taking advantage of keywords and hashtags. By doing this, you will be making it a lot easier for people to come across both your profile and site, and as the number of your Instagram followers grows, so will your PageRank.

To answer the question, having Instagram followers won’t have any direct impact on your PageRank. This is all due to the fact that Google’s algorithms won’t take into account the traffic that your site has accumulated via platforms like Instagram. So for a direct approach, you should either get acquainted with the basic SEO techniques, or hire professionals to help you boost your traffic.

However, when speaking of indirect effects real Instagram followers can have on your site’s PageRank, they are both significant and positive! A large number of followers will help you develop a recognizable brand, make people start visiting your official website and in the end, make your site rank higher. And isn’t that worth the trouble?

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