When Kevin Systrom, a freshly blooded member of the ever impressive Silicon Valley’s elite founded Instagram together with Brazilian-born engineer Mike Krieger, not even he would have imagined that what was at the time a speculative risk would turn out into such a fantastic social platform, one that leaves businesses and SEO blogs wagging their tails in admiration. These are exactly the kind of ideas and innovations that www.BrightEdge.com strives to be part of.

A lot of time we hear innovations being mentioned in the same breath as risks and this was no different. Being a full time employee at Nextstop.com and without money to develop Burbn (the predecessor to Instagram), Krieger quit his job. While attending a party, he showed his prototype to two people (Andreessen Horowitz and Baseline Ventures) from whom he would then acquire some funding. He together with Mike used the money to develop Instagram, scrapping some of the functions that clogged Burbn. The rest is of course history and today, not only did they manage to get a big buy from Facebook, but as of March 2016, Instagram ranks as the 23rd most popular website by web traffic.

We all know the make or break power that social media brings about. Instagram is still that tool that helps us keep in touch with our loved ones and share our best moments, be it from our latest vacation, or just flaunting our fresh looking crib after www.foxpest-newyork.com are done getting rid of all those unwanted visitors be it pests or mosquitoes. However, while it is one thing to share personal moments, Instagram has another string to its bow and it would not be a surprise to learn that that’s where you got all the information about pest control products in the first place.

It is therefore a platform that you as an innovator or business person should take seriously. Being Instahappy is having a huge positive following that translates into big and better business deals, a blossoming online presence and a glowing brand reputation. This is exactly the feeling that we at instalikes.org want you to have. Whoever you are, we will increase your Instagram following. If you are a website builder,

we will ensure that new followers are double-tapping all the way to your sites. If you own an eatery, we will ensure that more people can see those amazing cuisines and recipes that you post online. Likewise, if your deal in real estate and are looking to have more people following your www.excida.com hosted website, just come to us and let us work on a package that is tailor made for you and your needs.

Let’s all be Instahappy!  


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